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Making it easy to manage your plant and vehicle fleets

Making it easy to manage your
plant and vehicle fleets

  • QuipCheck™ provides businesses with large fleets of vehicles and plant an easy-to-use solution to manage their compliance, maintenance and H&S requirements.
  • QuipCheck’s™ simplicity is the key to enabling staff on the coal face to swiftly communicate fault information to managers and mechanics avoiding unnecessary costs and downtime whilst increasing productivity.
  • What sets QuipCheck™ apart is its customisation and flexibility, catering to specific business needs with relevant information accessible at the click of a button.

QuipCheck™ modules

QuipCheck's™ wealth of features are packaged up into convenient modules, so you can pick-and-choose what works best for your business.

Fleet module

Fleet is QuipCheck's™ core module

Add all of your vehicles, plant & equipment for quick and accurate selection. This is the secret of QuipCheck's™ simplicity – your team will find it easy and intuitive.

You get...

  • All your vehicles, plant & equipment on the app
  • Check sheets attached to each type of plant
  • History of checks stored for every vehicle
  • Monitor compliance with daily & weekly dashboards
  • ... and much more!

Maintenance module

For the health of your fleet

Put your service data in the hands of the team who needs it.

You get...

  • QuipCheck's standard set of maintenance forms
  • Service schedules with traffic light status
  • Service & maintenance history
  • Tasks (to-do lists)
  • Fleet documents
  • Exception reporting / alerts
  • ... and much more!

Health & Safety module

For the health of your staff and business

Improve compliance and encourage a health and safety culture.

You get...

  • QuipCheck's standard set of H&S forms
  • Hazard & incident management
  • Business tasks (follow-up)
  • Documents & resources
  • Safety alerts
  • ... and much more!

HR module

Eliminate paperwork, bottlenecks and excuses

Streamline your office administration, improve communication and increase compliance for your whole team.

You get...

  • QuipCheck's standard set of HR forms
  • HR resources (licences, certs, quals etc.)
  • HR resource matrix
  • ... and much more!

Forms made easy

QuipCheck™ forms are quick and easy. Talk to us about tailoring a solution to fit all of your requirements — for the health of your fleet, staff and business.

Fleet forms

For your vehicles, plant & equipment

  • Pre-start checks
  • Walk-around inspections
  • End-of-day checklists
  • Fleet checks
  • Pre-hire forms
  • ... and much more!

Maintenance forms

Fleet service & maintenance

  • Workshop forms
  • Ad-hoc repairs
  • Scheduled service sheets
  • Log maintenance
  • Pre-COF checklists
  • ... and much more!

H&S forms

A safe, compliant workplace

  • Hazard notifications
  • Incident reports
  • Task analysis
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Risk assessment
  • ... and much more!

HR forms

Eliminate your paper bottleneck

  • Electronic timesheets
  • Leave requests
  • Policy acknowledgements
  • Expense claims
  • Staff surveys
  • ... and much more!

Tailored forms and cusom reports

Our expert design team will convert your paper forms for a one-off fee of $250+GST per form. We can include logos, graphics, signatures and a host of smart features to make the most of your new electronic medium. Custom reports are also available with any of our modules for a one-off fee of $250+GST per report.

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