Working at height training

QuipCheck™ Training Module

Your virtual classroom.

QuipCheck's Training module adds tools to validate record of learning and competencies.

You get...

  • One free custom classroom form*.
  • Operator competencies (per vehicle/plant)
  • Ability to review, alter and sign-off records of learning and competencies
  • Training matrix
  • Integration with resource matrix
  • ... and much more!

Preview some Training forms

Training forms are custom-built for the application. Select the form for a preview then scroll down the phone screen to view the entire form.

Preview some of our customers' forms
Arc Welder Familiarisation Assessment
Crane Operator Familiarisation Assessment
Quad Bike Competency
Tractor Competency

How it works

Using the example of an agricultural contracting business, let's walk through how QuipCheck™ training module works.

The QuipCheck™ web portal displays training and competencies in two ways: by competency type, and by employee.