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Primary User information:

Your email address is used as your username and will be verified during the account activation process.

Business information:

If you require additional business entities you can add these from the app once you are up-and-running. Select Manage businesses from the menu.

Additional users:

These are your team members who will share access to the same business, fleet list and forms.

First name Last name Email

We prefer a spreadsheet listing all your additional users, however, our developers can work with almost any format. Include each user's full name and email address.

Fleet list:

QuipCheck works best with a fleet list, and your users will love it!
It's very important that you provide a fleet list.

This affects only how your fleet/plant list is displayed and referred to within the app and doesn't change the way the app functions. If your business has something else other than those listed above, note it below in the notes/comments. This can be changed later upon request.

We prefer a spreadsheet listing all your vehicles, plant and machinery, however, our developers can work with almost any format. Include as much detail as possible, e.g. plant/asset number, type, make, model, registration plate, capacity, location (etc). Your app is tailored to work the way you do.

Vehicle-specific forms:

Select vehicle-specific forms from the QuipCheck™ library
Preview these forms here.

Completed forms are attached to each vehicle from your fleet provided above. Your team will select first a vehicle followed by one of the enabled forms below. The completed form response remains with the vehicle history.

Need a form not listed here? Make a note below. We'll see what we can do for you.

Generic forms:

Select generic forms from the QuipCheck™ library
Preview these forms here.

Generic forms are not associated with any specific vehicle. Select your health and safety forms here.

Need a form not listed here? Make a note below. We'll see what we can do for you.

Hand-tailored forms:

Our expert design team will convert your paper forms for a one-off fee of $250+GST per form.

We can include logos, graphics, signatures and a host of smart features to make the most of your new electronic medium – just leave it to the professionals!

Form delivery:

All submitted forms are emailed directly to the user. Specify an additional email recipient and/or Cc (e.g. the office) to whom all forms are delivered. You can supply multiple email addresses by separating them with a semicolon (;)

Select this option to override email destinations on a form-by-form basis. Make a note of your exceptions below and provide the alternate email address as appropriate. You are able to specify both Cc and Bcc recipients if required.

Select this option to Cc form submissions to each user's supervisor (in addition to the above destinations). Supervisors must be provided for each user and each supervisor must also be a QuipCheck™ user.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a form of API allowing you to pull form response data and PDFs generated through QuipCheck™ into your own information systems. Specialist database development by your information systems provider or systems integrator may be required.

Additional information:

Include here any special requirements. Be as detailed as you can. Include extra features you would like to see on the app – our developers consider all suggestions!


*Note: Available features (such as number of users/vehicles/forms, fleet/form/workflow customisation, portal access, email recipients, logos and API integration) vary depending on chosen subscription plan. Customised forms additional $250ea+GST. For full information contact us.