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Flexibility is the key to QuipCheck™'s design. Its solutions are customised to suit all kinds of sectors and industry, from construction to horticulture, rental to viticulture, QuipCheck™ is tailored to work the way its users work and its customers require.


QuipCheck™ works with construction firms and their sub-contractors to create a cohesive, unified solution.

Construction excavator

We know that plant & equipment may not be owned or even operated by the construction firm. QuipCheck™ works with the lead contractor and its sub-contractors alike.

All on-site plant such as excavators, dump trucks, rough-terrain cranes, EWPs and other civil machinery are independently managed whilst remaining centrally monitored by the site supervisor and contract manager. In addition, all workers have access to H&S forms such as Toolbox Talks, Hazard Checks, Task Analysis and Incident Reports.

QuipCheck™ caters for the nationwide operator by breaking fleet lists and users down into logical entities such as divisions, regions or sites. A hierarchical user access system ensures equipment, forms and reports are available only to those that require it.

Civil Works and Roading

QuipCheck™ works in the civil engineering sector with roading contractors.

Construction excavator

Civil works operations typically use dozens of types of plant and machinery such as rollers, compactors, loaders, graders, spreaders, tip trucks and forklifts.

QuipCheck™ groups this plant logically into (say) vehicles, trailers, trucks and other plant (or as specified by the contractor). This fully-customisable grouping simplifies the end user experience. In addition, forms are provided for reporting faults, logging service work and for undertaking toolbox talks and site safety checks.

Health & Safety apps are aplenty. What sets QuipCheck™ apart is its focus on plant & equipment and, at the same time, providing plenty of the features you need to help with your health & safety and compliance requirements.

Crane hire

QuipCheck™ has a ready-made solution tailored for the crane hire industry.

Tower crane

Our fully customisable application caters for all types of cranes including mobile, pick-and-carry, crawler and tower cranes, and to all types of industry including taxi hire, construction hire and term hire.

In addition, QuipCheck™ comprehensively provides tools to manage rigging gear and other ancillary equipment, tracking of inspection, service and maintenance intervals and a host of employee-related forms to improve health & safety compliance and incident reporting.

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More than just prestart checks, QuipCheck™ assists the fleet manager and maintenance staff by gathering operator-reported issues, monitoring Maintenance tasks, recording service logs and keeping track of service intervals.

Horticulture & Agriculture

QuipCheck™ works with horticultural and agricultural contractors down on-the-farm.

Construction excavator

The range of machinery and equipment on-the-farm is wide and varied as the farms themselves.

QuipCheck™ caters for the operator on-the-farm by providing simple access to the full range of machinery such as tractors, implements, mowers, harvesters, diggers, telehandlers and forklifts. They use forms to complete prestart checks and for reporting issues and faults. Utes, trailers and ATVs are included along with generic forms for reporting hazards, incidents and accidents.

Your fleet list is integral to QuipCheck™'s operation. Whether these are vehicles, plant, equipment or a combination, they're all loaded and categorised intuitively – right there in the app – for the best possible user experience and accuracy.


QuipCheck™ works extensively with the winemaking and viticultural sectors.

Grape haravesting

We know that winemaking isn't just about growing grapes. The range of viticultural equipment for even the smallest operation can be extensive. That's where QuipCheck™ helps.

QuipCheck™ is configured with not only harvesters and tractors but the full array of attachments such as pruners & pre-pruners, gondolas, mowers & mulchers, trimmers & klimas, sprayers and pluckers. Operators complete pre-start, shift-change and post-shift checks whilst supervisors carry out area safety assessments and site inspections.